Green Keel Pack

Gruppo Boero & Keelcrab: a new partnership

Having sustainability as a primary value and a commitment to reducing its environmental impact have led Gruppo Boero to look for new projects, innovative and respectful of the sea. For this reason, the Group together with Keelcrab, a brand of submarine drones produced by the company Aeffe Srl., have developed the Green Keel Pack: the pilot project that can revolutionize the cleaning and maintenance of boats.

Born from a constant search for an antifouling with low environmental impact on the sea, Green Keel Pack is a project that combines the cleaning technology of the KeelCrab drone with our experience in the development of top quality antifouling. In this case it is a product with zero biocide content: our Eco Hull Paint.

The pilot pack will be provided for free to the first 25 owners who will apply to the project. Once the antifouling has been applied, a specialized operator will perform a cleaning cycle every two months with the underwater drone, without the need to move the boat and ensuring that the paint and hull are kept in an optimal state.

If you are interested in finding out more details about the Green Keel Pack pilot project click on the link below:

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