Abrasive alkyd finish

Modified alkyd finish for decks, boot toppings and bilges. This product is highly resistant to wear, abrasion and exposure to the marine environment. It can be submerged again and again in sea water without losing its gloss and colour. It is very flexible and adheres well to a wide range of primers. It is not suitable to be applied directly to galvanized panels and inorganic zinc primers.


2,5 l
171 Red
071 Green

Technische specificatie

Theorical coverage13.7 m²
2nd coat min/max24 h / 7 days (20°C)
Sanding 7 days (20°C)
Completely dry 7 days (20°C)
Spray thinner and % dilutionP703 | 5% MAX
Brush/Roller thinner and % dilutionP703 | 5% MAX


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