Undercoat Pro is an acryl-polyurethane undercoat with the characteristics of a filling undercoat or an undercoat enamel according to the dilution. It can boast an outstanding adhesion on both epoxy and polyester products like well-seasoned gelcoat. Undercoat Pro has a high dry residue and it is available in two colours (white and black) that can be mixed to obtain various shades of grey, facilitating further coatings with products with little covering properties. It has a semi-glossy finish which accentuates the preparation of the surface, as well as excellent response to sanding. It is recommended to use it as an undercoat because it makes the following finishes stand out.


2,5 l
001 White
051 Grey 
Component A 2000 ml
Component B 500 ml

Technische specificatie

Theoretisch verbruik4 - 6 m²/l 
2de laag na min/max30' - 120' wet on wet (20°C)
Schuurbaar na 24 h (20°C)
Pot life 90' (20°C)
Spuitverdunning en % verdunningP698 | 15-25%    5 - 15%
Kwast/Roller verdunning en % verdunning -


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