Undercoat Pro is an acryl-polyurethanic undercoat enamel with filling or insulating primer characteristics, depending on its thinning. It has outstanding adhesion on both epoxy and polyester products (like well-seasoned gelcoat).
Undercoat Pro has high dry residue and is available in two colours - white and black - which can be mixed to make various shades of grey to facilitate subsequent coating with products having little covering abilities.
It has a semi-glossy appearance, which accentuates the preparation of the surface, as well as excellent response to sanding: such features are required to highlight the subsequently applied enamels.


2,5 l
001 White
051 Grey 
Component A 1875ml
Component B 625ml

Technical specifications

Theorical coverage3,6 - 5,5 m²/ 
Number of coats2
2nd coat min/max30' - 120' wet on wet 
Sanding 24 h 
Pot ife 90' (20°C)
Catalysys volume ratio3:1
Spray thinner and % dilutionP698 | 15-25%   5-15%
Brush/Roller thinner and % dilution -



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